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Recently, I picked up the Editors tote by Aspinal of London – it screamed out to me as being THE bag for me being a young professional who works up London! This was my first high end designer bag purchase, so I was very excited!

Before I flew out to New York, Aspinal had a 15% sale on, and what with airport prices not including tax, I got it a lot cheaper. A usually £850 bag only cost me around £600 (I say only), but that is a decent saving of £250! I will now never buy another handbag until the end of time; my bank account told me off.

This post is by no means showing off – I just wanted to share my love for my new companion!


the details…


The black part is a smooth leather, whereas the white part is my all time favourite saffaino leather. The bag is aimed at the tech savvy modern women, and makes an excellent staple to a work-wear wardrobe! You would hope so for the bloody price right?!

It is 12.5″ high and 15″ wide, with a depth of 7″. You can fit a lot of crap in this bag if you wanted to, but with its price, I have found myself being a lot more ruthless with what goes in it. Food and drinks are always well wrapped by me to avoid any spillage as I would legitimately cry if that happened!

It is capable of carrying a 15″ laptop, which is great for my trusty old MacBook – she is very excited to be coming out with me lately!


editors tote inside shot


why I love it…


What I love is the quality and build of the bag – it is just so solid. I’m not joking – I could quite literally do a sassy bag swing and knock y’all down with one blow!

It has two external zipped compartments, handy for slipping a notebook into, along with gusseted sides that have magnetic-dot closures in them! So, when you shut the bag you hear the magnets click together to ensure the contents are safely sealed. This is a really swish touch in my opinion and really adds to the luxury vibes this bag offers!

If that wasn’t enough, there is a cute compartment to store your mobile phone with a cable path for your charger, making the wire discrete and keeping it untangled! Aspinal sell their own tech charger pack that fits snug as a bug in a separate section behind this pocket so that you can charge your phone, iPad or laptop whilst on the go! Perfect for the forgetful person that is I.

Last but not least, it has an internal zipped section for all your small but important bits i.e. tampons. Nobody needs to be seeing that!

..so what is not so great?


Due to the high quality build, the bag is quite heavy even before you put your stuff in it. I walk to the train station in the morning and I feel like I am participating in the World’s Strongest Man final or something! Either I’m weak, or the woman on the website is hiding her strained face when holding it – but I’m not convinced… (check it out here, you will laugh I promise)!

With it being partly white, it is prone to showing dirt /marks easier. That is no fault of the bag of course – it is just down to my clumsiness and poor decision making! But it looks so pretty…


Other than that, the bag is unreal and I love it to pieces. It will definitely be a bag I will keep in my wardrobe FOREVER! Am I a sassy successful business woman yet or do I have to keep faking it until I make it?


Do you love my new bag? Or do you hate it? Do you own anything from Aspinal of London? I would love to hear in the comments below!



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  1. 11/01/2017 / 2:53 PM

    1. I have the same shoes!
    2. I love how this bag looks.

    I’ve had the same problem with bags being really heaving before though. It’s so frustrating as it’s heavy before you even put anything inside, which makes me not want to use it at all!


  2. 12/01/2017 / 10:07 AM

    That sassy bag swing comment made me laugh so much! Love your honesty and your way of writing. So honest and so you! The bag is stunning and very fitting for you! Glad it’s worth the money, if I ever have the balls to purchase such a bag, I’ll head to that brand! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

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