Social media is a relatively new concept which our generation has grown up with. In a matter of a few years, social media has hit our lives with full impact and forms a massive part of what we do day to day. Often social media distorts the real version of someone’s life, but what about the photos we see that are raw, and express nothing but a real view into what the picture is trying to depict? On the flip side, so many others are using social media in a positive light and actually, what can be achieved through social media is incredible. So how can we use social media to boost this positivity?

A friend of mine, Emma, has recently launched a campaign using social media to boost positivity, increase happiness from engaging with others and simply creating a space that anyone can be a part of. She has shared her idea within this post which explains her vision in a lot more detail, and what she wants to achieve with the campaign called #framehalffull.



‘The world can be a daunting place.

Art can be therapeutic. An image can be used as a tool for self-understanding and growth. It can reflect feelings that we are afraid to admit, aid us in remembering life’s natural beauty and fill us with hope, fighting feelings of isolation and persecution.

frame half fullI began thinking about Art, the way it is exhibited and (more importantly) who it is exhibited for after reading ‘Art as Therapy’ by Alain de Botton. As a philosopher, his way of interacting with the art world is totally different to those who inhabit and own it. He puts forward the hypothesis that exhibitions, designed for what an audience need, would be more interesting and have a greater impact than those designed to celebrate an artist, movement or time period.


This is how Frame Half Full was born – I began to consider what I felt I needed more of today.


Today, we live in politically difficult times: the oceans are rising, arable land is drying up and the global population has doubled in the past 40 years. We keep entering wars. We keep persecuting one another for being different. Most importantly, we refuse to learn from the past, and there just seems to be so much hate in the world, it’s overwhelming.


I don’t necessarily believe it’s worse now than it was before, but I believe that because of the internet and social media, bad news and bad opinions travel faster and the amount of ‘badness’ that seems to exist is disproportionate to the reality. Good news isn’t interesting, beautiful things aren’t newsworthy.


I’d like to change that. Every so often my breath is taken away by how stunning the world is. I want to package that feeling – to collect everyone’s memories and moments in one place. I want to curate a space that can act as place to escape all the darkness.


The simplest way to achieve this seemed to be the creation of an instagram page and a unique hashtag. The idea being that you add #framehalffull in the caption of a picture that always makes you smile, no matter what. I’m working to get hundreds, if not thousands of people on board. Together, we will create a safe, positive space that anyone can look at, any time, just to get a smile when they’re feeling low. Even the name is supposed to make you grin. It’s a silly pun a close friend of mine came up with, playing with the idea that thinking a glass is half full (rather than half empty) means you’re a positive person.


It was Martin Luther King who said ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that’. I think we all need to work on finding the light inside ourselves, and to help other people find it too.’


Emma has an Instagram page dedicated to positive images portraying the Frame Half Full idea, and more information on her idea can be found hereIf you want to get involved, all you have to do is include the hashtag #framehalffull on your Insta posts!



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