As some of you may know, all I have been raving about recently is my graduation ceremony. I was celebrating the fact I became Chartered at the beginning of this year! This was a long time coming as I qualified in January, so I couldn’t wait to finally get my certificate! Many people haven’t heard of my qualification so mistake it as being easy, or less important than a degree. However, a Chartered qualification is the equivalent of a Masters degree – so I was even more proud of myself! These exams not only test taxes & how to apply them, but they test law & how to interpret it and how commercial decisions interact with tax legislation. It’s so deep, and I wasn’t about the tax life for a while. I was genuinely like NAH, boy bye. Then I got over myself haha!


I put blood, sweat and tears into this damn qualification, & I mean that literally. I cut fingers on paper, cried into my notes & sweated during the summer months as I revised my life away! Honestly, I couldn’t wait to get qualified and be rid of these devils disguised as exams. I wanted to put all my focus on moving up the ladder of my career. It was SO hard; I won’t lie and say it was a breeze. But then I would always remind myself that they make them hard because they’re supposed to be! When I got my final results, I genuinely was close to crying tears of joy!


The ceremony

We arrived at Drapers Hall for 5:30, & was escorted into a BEAUTIFUL room full of gorgeous paintings & luxury decor. They had a steel drum band playing, which were very calming actually, & settled to enjoy the reception before the main event. Us qualified peeps were then escorted into the main room to be seated in alphabetical order, ready to be called up line by line & invited on stage to collect our certificate. Funny how much effort we put in for a bloody piece of paper isn’t it?!


My row was called, & in my head I was like ‘TAX TEAM ASSEMBLE’. I wanted to look good & confident as I strode up the front, but realistically my main focus turned to not falling over flat on my face as I mounted the stage. I must say, I genuinely felt more nervous going up on stage compared to sitting the exams! Waiting outside the exam hall to go in and complete a paper about the tax implications of a group demerger had nothing on this.


The dress I went for was amazing! I went for a lilac Bardot off shoulder dress that was shorter at the front & longer at the back. I received so many compliments from strangers about this dress – it is to die for & I will 100% be wearing it again after my friends have borrowed! I do love a good compliment from a stranger, it’s so lovely they take the time to come & feed your ego!


Cue motivational paragraphs!

I never thought at the age of 18 that I would be chartered by the age of 21. The thought of doing the exams for this status absolutely petrified me, and I was convinced I would fail. Doing this has taught me that we are all so much more capable than we think we are. So many of you who read my blog do amazing things everyday, and it inspires me to continue succeeding!


She believed she could, so she did and all that jazz was going through my mind every day that I studied. Every cell in my body screamed ‘go watch Netflix’, I cried more times than I could count & using precious annual leave for extra study time was painful! But, as the saying goes, if you want something, you’ve got to bloody graft for it! Can I get a woop woop for doing what I thought was the impossible (I’m still convinced it is)?! Remember, I’m pretty much a car crash of a human. If I can do this, you reading this can do anything you want!





I vlogged it as you guys said you wanted to see what I got up to, so be sure to check out the video & subscribe if you are new! Do leave a cheeky like as well – I do love me one of those! Lastly, I wanted to personally say thank you to each of you who took the time to congratulate me. Us bloggers wouldn’t get anywhere if we didn’t have each other or our readers to support us every single day. So honestly, thank you!!


Have you graduated recently? What was your experience like? 






  1. 12/06/2017 / 7:04 PM

    Aww you look so so pretty, Charlie! I love your dress and makeup <3 The venue looked sooooo lovely from your vlog, and you should 100% be proud of your achievement! Especially as you said you worked full-time whilst completing it!


    • charliefriend
      12/06/2017 / 7:33 PM

      Thank you my lovely!! The venue was stunning! Really appreciate you reading – so thank you

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