Autumn is a season that has grown on me the older I have got.  I do feel like it is underrated because there are so many reasons to love Autumn – and Lord knows I have a fair few. But no, one of them isn’t because pumpkin spiced lattes make their yearly appearance. I have never understood that hype!

Autumn scents and the crisp air

I love being able to step outside and take a deep breath of the cool and sharp air. Couple that with the fact no sweat or humidity exists at this time of year – just the peng smell of my favourite perfumes that I wear during Autumn – and I’m buzzing. My go-to scents this year have been Chanel Chance & the Clive Christian bergamot perfume. A little goes a long way with these and putting a little behind your ears ensures you can still smell them hours after you have put them on!


It means Christmas is on its way!

Christmas is genuienly my favourite time of the year. The fact I can genuinely do sod all for a few days without feeling any guilt at all is always a firm favourite thing of mine. You can eat 24/7, watch copious films, wear Christmas jumpers – need I say more?

Cosy nights in

Sure you can do this all year round. But, is there anything better than coming home from work and it being pitch black at 7pm? It just feels more acceptable to move your blanket to the front room and wrap up for the entire evening – or season, cause why not?!

My fav TV programmes come back

Great British Bake Off, The Apprentice, I’m A Celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing – there is always stuff to watch on the cosy nights in! Perfect excuse to be a hermit all you want.

Baggy jumpers & roll necks every single day

Those belly rolls don’t exist in Autumn for me! It’s amazing to be able to slouch however I like without looking down and seeing the results of my average-at-best diet. It does all come crashing down when you strip down to shower, but hey ho, life isn’t perfect.

Skipping on shaving so often

I can wear jeans or tights and the leg hair equivalent to that on a mammoth will be hidden. No one knows how much of a lazy b**** I am being when it comes to self care. Especially now I am single, it is extra satisfying not having to shave religiously!


What do you love about Autumn? Or is it a season you don’t like much at all?


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  1. Holly
    10/08/2018 / 8:22 AM

    Love this post! These are honestly all my favourite things. I can’t wait for snuggly nights in and roll neck jumpers… however the rain I am not so keen about, especially as I will have a 8 month old baby who will want to be busy, and fresh air is the best way! X

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