You would have seen me recently banging on about the new Lypsyl mirror compact that has been released. When I was contacted and asked to try them out, I was beyond excited! I couldn’t wait to share with you lovely lot!

I’ve always used Lypsyl over the years as a my simple go-to lip balm. Whether it be a quick fix when out and about or as a base before applying a lipstick – it is always a lip care basic that I own. I personally have naturally dry skin and lips, so the Vitamin E & Shea buttering these Lypsyl mirror compacts have are a God send!

lypsyl mirror compact

Pictured – Luxurious Vanilla Mirror Compact

Their compactness (whey) is amazing as it avoids the need for me to take out my massive powder compact everyday. I can check my boat race slyly, & low key make sure there isn’t any food stuck in my teeth more discreetly!

They are available in four different versions, being the Original Fragrance, Luxurious Vanilla, Fresh Orange Blossom & Zingy Mandarin. You can pick up the Original Fragrance & Luxurious Vanilla Lypsyl mirror compact from Superdrug for just shy of a fiver! The price point for the quality you get with these is amazing in my opinion. The mirror is a proper mirror – not one of those flimsy/plastic-y ones you often get in compacts. Add that to the fact that the mirror actually stays clean from makeup, I love having one of these on me at all times.


lypsyl mirror compact


I often find other lip balms can go over the top with the scents and random products they throw in. With these, they are simple, effective and do what they say on the compact! You can chuck them in your clutch, and the upside of them being a compact means others can use them too (assuming their hands are clean, so make sure your mates are hygienic, obvs)! There isn’t much more I can say on the matter of these little cuties, other than: love your lips!

Hopefully this mini review has convinced you to try out these little gems! Be sure to let me know if you have tried these and what you think! My favourite is the Vanilla, so if you trust my judgement and like a sweet scent, definitely go for that!



Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post paid for by Lypsyl

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