Hello there! I’m Charlie. Born and raised in South East London, I am a true common (arguably cockney) girl who is a completely honest oversharer that has a love for everything to do with life, fashion, beauty. All the usual stuff us bloggers rave about basically!


I’m different from most though – I like to think of myself as the people’s blogger, the everyday girl. I could tell you about how I spend hours on the perfect flat lays and clothing collages, but realistically it just is not true.


That being said, I am obsessed with fashion & all things beauty related. I’m just the kind who is a bit haphazard and really unorganised with it. I am in no way a fashion or beauty guru – something everyone says – but for real, I am really not, which you can probably already tell!


“I’m obsessively opposed to the typical”


The above is my favourite quote from my favourite (famous) person, Lady Gaga. If I had to sum myself up with a quote, it would be that one!



What is my blog all about?


On my blog, you will see me talking about life in a way that reassures, helps and relates to you. I’ll be honest about everything.


I don’t have an all white house because in the real world, white gets dirty. I cannot walk in heels despite the fact I am 5ft2 and social convention says I should probably be wearing them. If I manage to do my eyeliner (at all) it is a miracle, and I actually find shopping quite stressful. I roll out of bed in the morning 20 minutes before I have to leave for work most days, my favourite purchases will always be new pyjamas and actually, it isn’t all that fun going to the gym – I much prefer devouring a good pizza or being horizontal.


Realistic ‘outfit of the day’ posts will feature, which means actually wearing tights / clothes in most photos because it is freezing in the UK. When it comes to beauty, I will provide honest opinions on the products I use. Basically, if something is shit, I will say so.


I want to share my wisdom, experiences and opinions from all angles of lifestyle, fashion and beauty – from the perspective of a lazy but highly ambitious girl who wants to be successful with minimal amount of effort. You can also expect posts on travel, food, blogging and life tips every now and then!


It’s all about being the real me on here. I want to be relatable in every aspect. I want you to have a little laugh as you read my posts and watch my videos, feeling like you actually know the real person behind it. My aim is to make you feel comforted by the fact that actually, your life is more together than you think because you’ll look at mine and think “oh dear”.


I know everyone says that they want to be relatable, but do you really feel like you can relate to the girls who have a full blown skincare routine, squat every day and have avocado on toast for breakfast? Because I definitely know I can’t! I am just doing what I can with the fact I am proud if I brush my hair at least once a day and manage one fake tan a year!


So screw the bullet journals (too much effort) and fancy Instagram themes (I still haven’t got a Scooby doo what they even are), I talk about life in the real world for a 21 year old girl who is trying to find her way and has really no clue what she is doing. I mean, who really knows right?!


A bit about my life…


Having found out at 12 years old that the man I had been calling Dad was in fact not my biological father, I felt like my whole life had been twisted upside down. My “real” dad had no interest in me and abandoned my mum and quite frankly, I wasn’t cool with that (how deep was that information though?!)


It was from that day that my whole attitude changed; I decided I would show him, and the rest of the world, what I was made of. I had a “you need me, I don’t need you” moment, and here we are today! Too independent for my own good.


I loved science and wanted to do something with Physics (I did Physics at A-Level and yes, it was god awful), but it didn’t spur that fire in my belly. It didn’t exactly thrill me at the thought of doing that for a living forever, so I re-evaluated.


At 18, I chose to go straight into the corporate world and got a job up London, which I am still doing to this day. University and debt didn’t sit right with me, as I was eager to start earning money.


At 19, I moved out of my parent’s home and set off on my own. Having been kicked out multiple times beforehand, I decided it was time to choose happiness over financial stability. I found a ridiculously tiny studio flat with a built in wardrobe, a shower that barely worked and portable radiators. It wasn’t a very glamorous lifestyle for £700 a month, but living alone and looking after myself taught me a lot about life and responsibility.


At 20, I moved again into what is my final resting place (for now) with one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of knowing!


Since leaving sixth form I have taken myself to over 10 countries, gone skydiving and scuba diving, learnt to drive and bought my own car, started pole fitness, obtained professional qualifications that put letters after my name, got a place to run for charity in the London Marathon 2017 and most importantly, started up my blog and channel in 2016!


I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if you want something enough, including being successful, hard work will allow you to achieve your goals!


So what next?


Blogging and YouTube have always been my dream. I have a gaming channel that I started when I was 14, which I still run today after having a massive break to concentrate on school / life. From then, I knew it was what I wanted to do; I loved, and still love, sharing my opinions, recommendations and experiences with the world.


If you read my blog, liked any of my posts or enjoyed reading this mini essay, I would love for you to stalk me everywhere! Don’t be shy – make sure you say hello!


If that wasn’t enough and you want to learn more, check out my 50 facts about me video! It’s not as deep as the above – I promise!


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