I have the worst hair in the history of mankind. It is incredibly thick, and even after a hella amount of product application and tackling my mane with the straighteners, I still come out the house looking like I just rolled out of bed. Cheers natural selection for the DNA I was blessed with.

I have had my eye on this Dyson hairdryer for MONTHS. Before it was released I was eagerly looking at reviews and deciding whether I was going to spend nearly 300 hundred whole pounds on a bloody hairdryer.

I decided no – it was far too expensive and even my boyfriends sister gave me a talking to about why it would not be a worthwhile investment. Everyone was raving about it when it was released, and I thought YOLO. I have the money, my hairdryer is on its way out (I swear!) so, why not!


DISCLAIMER: I actually purchased this myself – it wasn’t gifted to me by anyone, so rest assured you will know my review will be an honest one!



Quite simply, it has an on / off switch, and a cold shoot button on the handle. Standard really. But, on the back of the head of the hairdryer, you have a heat button and a speed button. Each time you push a button,  an extra light is added on to show the setting you have selected.


On the left is the speed:

O Styling

OO Regular drying

OOO Fast drying


On the right is the heat:

NO LIGHT 28°C Constant cold

O 60°C Gentle drying

OO 80°C Regular drying

OOO 100°C Fast drying and styling



Thats about it really. In a rush? Wack 3 lights on each side of that bad boy and off you go. If you want to style a bit more precisely, you can mix and match the settings to what is best for your hair.

It comes with 3 attachments, a diffuser, a smoothing nozzle and styling concentrator. I will be honest, I have not got a clue how the diffuser does what it does. Apparently if you have natural curls, then this attachment allows you to dry your hair without knocking those out.

Mostly, I use the smoothing nozzle, as 9 times out of 10 I am in a rush to get out the door and I wanted my frizz to be at a minimum. I use the styling concentrator to blast a thinner strip of air for when I have more time to style my hair specifically and so do not want to blow other sections of my hair about once I am done with them.

After using for about a week, I have listed below my pros and cons of the Dyson Supersonic.




    • It just looks so god damn sexy. No other hairdryer looks like this at all. The light up selections are cool, the carbon look and feel is beautiful in my opinion, and I am a lover of pink. Hot pink for a hot hairdryer!


    • It is a lot quieter than all other hairdryers I have used. I love a good old chinwag, and I could actually chat to my boyfriend about our to-do list for the day. If that wasn’t good enough, when I am getting up at the crack of dawn, and he is lucky enough to not have work that day, I can use this without waking him up. A plus for him (and one reason he was more accepting after I convinced him it was a good idea!)


    • My hair is definitely calmer and less frizzy. The use of physics was one of the main things that pulled me in (physics freak up in here). The use of negative ions to reduce static definitely works! In simple terms, it does the opposite of what rubbing a balloon on your hair does, which brings positive ions to the surface and therefore makes your hair super static. I didn’t even need to straighten my hair afterward blowdrying! This is such a win for someone like me who is rushing out the door every morning to commute to London during rush hour!


    • The attachments are so easy to change without burning yourself due to the magnetic technology. It is more the gadget freak in me that just loved this. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t worth £299 for that sole reason alone, but it is definitely cool. As the hairdryer doesn’t get that hot and the attachments are deliberately designed so that the outside does not get hot, you can change the attachments whenever takes your fancy.


    • My hair no longer smells singed now matter how close the hairdryer is to my head. I personally hate having to do stuff to improve my appearance. Drying my hair is a chore to me, so I usually end up burning my hair with my impatient-ness trying to get it dry as soon as possible. There is a microchip within the hairdryer motor, which regulates the heat based on where it is on your head so that the max temperature is used without burning your barnet. You can literally place it on your scalp and you wouldn’t feel any uncomfortable heat at all! Lazy girls dream right?


    • It is tiny! They say great things come in small packages (I can confirm at 5ft2inches tall) and this hairdryer definitely delivers on power vs size. It lives up to and exceeds existing hairdryers with dimensions of only 245 x 78 x 97 mm. You show them Dyson, big definitely does not mean best!



    • The price. Obvs. At £299, I wanted this hairdryer to blow away all my problems, my dry skin and hoover my house. I can confirm it does not do any of the above, aside from what a hairdryer is supposed to do.


    • The white version isn’t all that! I went and looked at them in store before taking the plunge. I thought I was going to prefer the white and silver one but I really didn’t like it. Plus, it was obvious from all of the paw prints on it that it would get very dirty quickly. This is especially true if miss clumsy over here bought it!


    • I still get arm ache despite claims of being lighter. I am not a weak human, I do pole fitness every week so can comfortably lift my own bodyweight. Apparently, it only weighs 659 grams though, but I am not convinced. Maybe I just need to get used to it!


    • I would have liked a longer guarantee than 2 years. Come on Dyson! I know you spent millions developing this new hairdryer technology, so I forgive you for the price tag. But, a longer guarantee may convince more people to buy it!


    • My hair didn’t dry any quicker than normal. I think that the fact I have the thickest hair possible does not help my case here. I have read so many good reviews that say the drying time is cut by at least half. This probably is true for people with finer hair, but I can confirm it took the same amount of time to dry my barnet with the Dyson Supersonic.


    • My boyfriend and his family definitely think I have lost my mind. This is bottom of the con list, they already think I have issues so this just added fuel to the fire. Oh well, I got me some fleecy hair now! My boyfriend’s sister says she is disappointed in me but REALLY wants to give it a go. I know deep down she’s just jel.



Overall, I think that although expensive, it will definitely pay for itself. I did not need to use any product to get better results than with a normal hairdryer.

If you fancy buying one yourself, you can find more information here.

I would love to know your thoughts on the hairdryer if you have used it. Don’t be shy, leave a comment! Check out my YouTube review and unboxing videos below!


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  1. 10/11/2016 / 6:15 PM

    Oooh I’ve been wondering about this! I like the idea that it can make your hair sleeker (mine is out of control!) but kind of disappointed that it doesn’t dry it faster? I swear it takes like 4 hours to dry mine and there’s so much I’d rather be doing! Great, detailed review. Thanks! xx


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