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In my spare time, I do pole fitness. It was a sport and an idea that terrified me but now, I am completely obsessed with it. That being said, I wanted to do a post on 10 things that people may not know about pole fitness, in order to encourage people to give this fantastic sport a go!


Everyone who does pole dancing is in the best shape of their lives

You get strong, your core becomes tighter, you become more flexible, and you just tone up so well! One of the best all time pole dancers is a lady who is in her sixties – how impressive is that? She looks incredible too!


It does unspeakable things for your confidence

My confidence levels were shocking, and although not massively high now, pole has helped me see my body in a whole new way. It has taught me I am strong and able to do anything I put my mind to, and the fact and I can now do pull ups makes me feel like a female boss!


Pole girls are the most down to earth and least judgemental people I know

I literally LOVE the girls I do pole with. They are hilarious, encouraging and just so relatable. We spur each other on when we want to nail a move, and laugh at each other when a move doesn’t quite go to plan. No competition – purely building and improving together!


pole fitness


Steps are being taken to have it as an Olympic sport

I really want to see this happen in my lifetime. I love the Olympics and watch it compulsively, so if they introduced pole I would be over the moon. Pole associations and international marking criteria are being set up as we speak, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually got put in the Olympics. It is no doubt a sport – it takes real athleticism to be able to do a routine and do it well!


The more skin, the better.

People have this idea that you get semi-naked for the pole for fun, or cause you like showing off your body. The truth is, bare skin grips to the pole so much better than clothing. To do the most impressive moves, every body part has to be out on show to grip the pole and ensure the most secure attachment to the pole.

My anxiety kicked in like “NAH, you ain’t seeing this tummy”, but as I said above, the girls and instructors do not give two shits what you look like. They just want to help you nail that move that you have been working on!


pole fitness


People judge me and I find I have to explain myself still.

When I tell people I do pole fitness as a hobby, I always get raised eyebrows or even a little gasp. There are 3 main forms of pole, the sexy stripper side, the fitness side, and the art side. Everyone automatically thinks I strip in my spare time, and its like oh come on, me?! Strip?! You know I would just start cracking up laughing at how awkward that is!

I don’t blame them – they just don’t know that there is more to it. So I always explain that I focus on the fitness and art side of pole, and most of the time, I do not look sexy. That leads me onto my next point.


It isn’t always very sexy.

The faces you pull whilst you try and lift your body weight over your head can be hilarious, but seriously unflattering. You may master a tough move but if your face looks like you are trying to take a massive dump, believe me, you aren’t as impressed with yourself.

But that is what makes pole so fun. The challenge of nailing a move, and then improving it so you feel comfortable in the move, is such fulfilling. You can take progress pictures and see how your body is changing overtime!


It is actually really painful and physically demanding

I couldn’t even drive my car or put a jumper on after my first pole class. My body was in bits! But it just goes to show how much of a workout it is without feeling like one because the hour in class just flies by! I am literally sweating within 10 minutes, and that is before we have even started lifting moves.

I am awful at motivating myself to exercise, but pole is something I love! I now have a pole in my room which I practice on outside of class when I have time, and I love it so much 🙂


pole fitness


Having no upper body strength is no excuse not to try it

You build up strength so quickly just by spinning round the pole. Give it a month or so and you literally see the difference in your strength. People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels do pole and do it well, so there is literally zero excuse! Give it a go!


You can learn it from home

If you don’t fancy going to classes, you can get a decent second hand pole for £100 (or a new one for £200) and can teach yourself! Safety first though – when you first start out, have someone there to help catch you if you fall, and always make sure you have crash mats when practicing anything. I follow an amazing poler on Instagram who has taught herself everything, and she is so incredible.


So there you have it! 10 things I want people to know about pole! I have made a YouTube video on this which gives more details if you are interested – be sure to subscribe!


Do you do pole? Do you want to try it? Leave me a comment below! Feel free to ask any questions you want to in the comments also – I will 100% reply!


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    • charliefriend
      15/10/2016 / 9:33 AM

      I know! I think you definitely should try it – I promise you will love it! x

  1. 20/10/2016 / 3:08 PM

    Pole fitness is so good and you really feel it the day after! So many people are judgmental when you say anything about pole, mainly because they only know of one side of it

    • charliefriend
      26/10/2016 / 8:52 AM

      I completely agree! Hopefully we can change that view with time! Definitely a good strength workout 🙂 thanks for commenting! x

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