16 things learnt in 2016
I have learnt quite a few things this year, but I wanted to list the main 16 things learnt in 2016  and share these with you all! Hopefully some of you can relate to these!


1. You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take

I always tell myself this when wondering whether doing something will be worth it. I could try, and fall flat on my face, but there is always a higher chance it will go well if I just go for it.


2. “This too shall pass”

I really want to get a tattoo of this at some point, because this quote resonates a lot with me. I always try to remind myself that no matter how bad I feel, with time, it will pass and things will get better.


3. “I’m tough, I’m ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” – Madonna

Need I say anymore? My confidence has grown so much in 3 years, and a lot of people don’t like me for who I am. Some people can’t handle that I know what I want, will work hard to get it & think I’m a bitch. More fool them!


4. “You can’t connect the dots going forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

Things don’t always work out the way you plan or how you want. Looking back, you see that situations which you thought were wrong at the time were actually right to get you where you are today.


5. I really should do something that scares me everyday

Even though this year hasn’t been great, I have done a lot with it! I was so scared of sky diving, moving house (again, seems to be my yearly ritual) and getting my first Brazilian wax (I was petrified and rightly so)! But, they all turned out good in the end!


6. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together

This one is a tough lesson that I have been learning for more than just through 2016 in all honesty. Slowly, I am accepting that change can be good even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Sometimes you just have to let things happen and see where you end up!


7. “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” – Nora Ephron

I have decided I will not let the bad circumstances in my life dictate how I live the rest of it. I want to get to grandma-hood and say “hell yeah, I kicked life in its arse & came out on top.”


8. I am strong, sexy and successful

I like words beginning with S, and my confidence has skyrocketed this year, so why not? I’m bossing my career, I started getting my kit off for a pole photoshoot(!) and I like to think I’m reaching goals!


9. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

I always tried my best to fit in, follow the trends and say what I should. That doesn’t make you stand out though and more importantly, it just wasn’t me!


10. Friends come and go

I used to get so offended when someone started making less effort with me. I would be constantly trying to meet up with them, knowing full well an outright absurd excuse was coming my way.


This year I have managed to let this go and realise this is just a normal part of life. My real friends (and you know who you are you amazing so and so’s) I couldn’t live without. I would like to think these are the people who feel the same about me (lol I sound like i’m in love). If not, fucking love me you swines! 😉


11. Everything happens for a reason

No matter if it is good or bad, I really believe we all go through things in life for one reason or another, to lead us onto the next stage.


12. Life is too short to take myself too seriously.

A lot of people who know me know I have a potty mouth who is overly honest and confrontational, who overshares information and laughs too much. I used to be embarrassed of who I was but then I realised – I love people who don’t take themselves too seriously, so I should love myself for being that way too!

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.


13. I should never give up on what I want

If you want something enough, you really can make it happen. Determination, perseverance and understanding that Rome wasn’t built in a day will get you there!


14. I should never be ashamed of how I feel

Feelings are something you cannot help. I have learnt it is better to acknowledge and just feel them, no matter how wrong or strange they may be. Whether that be jealousy, anxiousness, overwhelming love or pure indifference – no feelings are ever wrong.

As the saying goes; “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”


15. The most effective way to do it, is to just do it.

This links in with my first lesson quite nicely. Simply put, JUST DO IT, as Nike & Shia LaBeouf like to say!


16. Others thinking you are not good enough when in fact, you are a queen, isn’t a reflection of you – it’s a reflection of them.  

Once you learn to love yourself, you become the most beautiful version of yourself. Anyone who doesn’t think you are good enough or doesn’t see your perfection, are more than likely boring or just plain stupid. It’s their loss; that’s what I like to tell myself anyway!


What lessons have you learnt in 2016? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. 30/12/2016 / 11:50 PM

    I definitely agree with the friends one, I suppose you just need to accept that they are moving on, then move on with your life too! Great post!
    Emily x

    • charliefriend
      04/01/2017 / 12:14 PM

      Thanks for reading Emily! Yes exactly that – remembering you are amazing and just carrying on is so important! x

  2. 12/01/2017 / 10:04 AM

    Absolutely love the quote in number 3. Might have to make that my new motto! You are truly amazing and honestly you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you other wise! We’re so happy to have met you and we hope to see more of you because you are amazing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

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