17 GOALS FOR 2017

17 GOALS FOR 2017

goals for 2017

What a year it has been. No one can say it hasn’t been eventful to say the least – I feel like a lot has happened to a lot of people!


I like setting myself goals, so I decided to set myself 17 goals for 2017! What better way to it than as a blog post? This way, I can look back at this post at the end of next year to see if I achieved them…


1) Become fully qualified in my job

I hope I can meet this one within the first month of 2017, but if not, I will retake the exam to make it happen! I am determined to finally qualify and be free from exams forever!


2) Run the marathon and finish in under 5 hours

Either way, I am definitely running a marathon in 2o17. Whether I do it in under 5 hours or not is another thing! I love to challenge myself and a sub 5 hour run would be a massive achievement for me!


3) Raise over £2,000 for charity

I am already over £1,000 of the way there, so hopefully I will be able to do this comfortably! If you are interested in helping a girl out, you can donate here 😉


4) Reach 2,500 subscribers on YouTube

Not sure if I will be able to hit this goal, but it would be great if I could! I joked on Twitter that I want to become YouTube famous, but realistically that will not happen! I would be over the moon just breaking 1,000 subscribers!


5) Get laser eye surgery

I am blind as a bat, and it would be fab if I could open my eyes and be able to see straight away! If not next year, I hope to get it done by 2018!


6) Save a lot of money

I want to be proper frugal this year in order to save as many pennies as possible. It never hurts to have extra cash in the bank!


7) Be more organised / tidier

I get stressed when my house is a mess, but then I am also far too lazy to do anything about it right away. I have told myself I will declutter more often, put things away straight away and just push myself to sort it out!


8) Lose weight, get fitter & learn to do the splits

There is no denying I have put on so much weight this year, so I want to get back to being able to perv on myself when looking in the mirror naked. It would be pretty cool to be able to do the splits while I’m at it!


9) Reach 250 blog subscribers / followers on Bloglovin’

I am actually halfway already there for this goal, so I don’t see why I won’t hit this goal as long as I continue working hard!


10) Spend less time on social media

Social media is like a drug. It usually does more harm than good (apart from talking to my blogging favs on Twitter), and I always feel more at peace when I have a break from it!


11) Get promoted at work

It would be really great if I could continue improving in my career by way of a promotion. All I can do is keep working hard and hope for the best!


12) Read more self help books

I always feel inspired after reading self help books. Reading in general is good for the soul too, so I thought this was a pretty good goal to have going into 2017.


13) Do my level 1 pole fitness instructor course

I have fallen in love with pole fitness, and one day I want to be good enough to start up my own company teaching pole to people. Once I get better, I would like to do a level 1 course in instructing to get myself started on this long term goal!


14) Learn about & start investing in stocks / shares

What with interests rates being as shocking as they are, the better way to make money from your savings is to invest. I want to learn about how it all works in a bit more detail before doing this though, as there is no point investing if you’re just going to lose money.


15) Procrastinate less

I am the worst human for this. I always find excuses to not do even basic tasks, and I end up getting stressed over my procrastinating. Basically, I want to kick myself up the backside a bit more next year!


16) Cut out negative people and spend more time with the people that matter

I always let people who don’t treat me the best get away with it because I want them in my life. Fact is, if they don’t bring positivity, love and care to your life, then realistically they don’t deserve a place in it!


17) Blog and vlog a hell of a lot more to try make it a career!

This is more of an ultimate goal, and I know I am so far off this it isn’t even funny. But I also know if I work my arse off, I may be able to make it happen! Dream big!


What goals do you have for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. 31/12/2016 / 5:34 PM

    Oh love this. These are really inspiring and realistic goals for yourself and your blog! You defo deserve to reach them all and smash each target! Can’t wait to see what 2017 has for you, hopefully includes seeing us more too 😉

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk

    • charliefriend
      04/01/2017 / 12:15 PM

      Thanks so much for always supporting my blog, you guys were one of the first to welcome me into the community and I am so so grateful for that! I will defo be seeing you this year for sure!! 🙂 xx

  2. 21/01/2017 / 4:27 PM

    I would LOVE to learn to do the splits! And do a flip to, even just on a trampoline. I’m possibly the most un-flexible, un-daring person, though. But, one day!!!

    Loved this post, Charlie!!! You have so many goals, and you’ve smashed the Chartered one already. This is going to be an amazing year for you!


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